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Finding it tough to unscramble a word? Check out Word Unscrambler, the simplest way to solve scrambled words and understand what is inside.

word unscrambler

Here are the quick steps you can follow to unscramble any word puzzle using word unscrambler

  • First copy the Word Puzzle that you want to Unscramble
  • Paste copied word into the box
  • Click on the Unscrambler button
  • Within a fraction of seconds, you’ll get the solution of a scramble puzzle
  • Done!
  • You can enter up to 12 letters at a time.

What is Word Unscrambler?

This online site will help you find out valid words from the scrambled set of alphabets, and it is going to be useful for those who love playing games like make words with these letters, Wordscraper, Words with Friends or Scrabble. It takes just a few seconds to analyze the character combination and suggest actual words from the group.

So, the next time you need some help — if you know what I mean — during your game of Scrabble, head straight here, and you’ll get the right help to make a word with the letter.

How to Use Word Unscrambler to Unscramble Words?

Using Word Unscrambler is an easy task, thanks to the simple UI. You can simply enter your combination of letters, which should be 12 in maximum.

Once you have entered the to-be-unscrambled text, hit the button named ‘Unscramble’ and wait for a second. It will show you the complete list of possible words. The best part is that you can find words of different letter-size.

That is, it does not matter how long the given character combination is, you will see 6-letter, 5-letter, 4-letter, 3-letter, and 2-letter words on the screen.

How to Filter Unscrambler Results?

Do you think you’re missing some words while the character combination is solved? It has two options to deal with that for you. First, you can decide on a suitable dictionary for unscrambling words.

There are two dictionaries available — TWL06 and SOWPODS. While TWL06 US/Canadian dictionary has a capacity of 178691 total words, the SOWPODS UK dictionary can find up to 267751 actual words. If you are not able to find as many words as you want, simply choose the other dictionary before you scramble words.

On the other hand, are you looking for some specific word unscrambling results? You can use the Prefix and Suffix feature from Advanced Options. Here, you can specify the starting and ending characters of words you want to find.

It will quickly filter the results to find what you want. You can use this feature if your friend has challenged to unscramble words and find words that start with R or Z  It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

This web app works everywhere! It is compatible with all devices and you can access this online tool from your desktop, smartphone or some other devices. Make sure you enter the character combination correctly and it will surely show you the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to unscramble words easily?
If you don’t have word power, you can use a tool like Unscrambler. You can simply add the scrambled word on the place and hit Enter. It will search through dictionaries and find you the hidden words from the combination. It is like a piece of cake. It does not matter whether you have a big word or a short word to unscramble — everything works.

2. How to use unscrambler from Mobile?
Thanks to the responsive UI, you can use this web app from your Android or iOS as well. You can open the website on your regular web browser and enter the term. In a second or so, you will have the results on your screen. Awesome, isn’t it? So, the next time you want to sneak out and check the answers, just keep a phone nearby.

3. How to Cheat on Scramble?
You have the answer here: use Word Unscrambler. If you cannot figure out the word from the combo that is shown, you can use the website to find that out. Simply enter the word and you will know all the possible option. The tool is so intelligent that it would suggest you the word the computer probably wanted you to enter there.